What To Wear for my Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Inevitably, as soon as you decide that you’re for really-real doing a boudoir shoot, and you’ve got your photographer picked (me, me, pick me!) your first thought is going to be “what will I wear?”. So I’ve put together a nice little list of ideas for what to wear for your boudoir shoot. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’ll hopefully give you some ideas and make you more confident about whatever you decide!

  1. First things first – Lingerie!

 There are a million different varieties of lingerie, and it’s the first thing that pops into one’s head for boudoir. Here are a couple of popular options:

  • The classic two piece
  • Body suit / teddy
  • Strappy things
  • Corset 

** Pro tip – regardless of how cute the lingerie is, pick what looks good on YOU vs. what looks good online or on a manikin!


  1. Partial clothing

This is a great one to easily add on to any lingerie look. Removing clothing can even lead to some gorgeous shots as you’re changing. 

  • Jeans / shorts + bra
  • Button down shirt + undies set
  • Robe + undies set or nothing underneath
  • Sweater+undies
  • T-shirt + no bra

I love this option and want to encourage everyone to bring something like this to their shoot! Anything where you can add motion and story to the images – maybe a voyeuristic quality of watching someone change, or a seductive dance – adds a really special, natural and dynamic quality to the images that you (and your partner!) are sure to love. 

** Pro tip – this is a great way to down play body parts you’re less comfortable with or highlight ones you’re super proud of!

3. Topless / bodychains

This is such a fun glam option! I have a number of body chains in my studio for your use – pair with a cute set of undies or skirt and you have instant goddess mode!

** Pro tip – these can be worn with or without a top!

An example of what to wear to a boudoir photo session - a photo of a woman in glasses wearing a gold body chain and black underwear leaning on the back of a chair.

4. Nude+ sheets

This is one of my favorites! I offer this as an add-on to any boudoir shoot or as a stand-alone mini session. Just bring your badass self and be prepared to roll around some satin sheets! This is ideal to reveal or expose as much as you want, and we can do anything from super glam hollywood to that so-sexy bedhead au naturale vibe. It’s a classic!

** Pro tip – if you know you want to do this, think about what color you might like! I’ve loved using black but I have others as well.

Hopefully this list gives you some ideas on what to wear to your boudoir shoot! When you book with me, I will send you a questionnaire asking about your vibe, personality, preferences, etc, and we often use that as a bouncing-off point to discuss wardrobe! Often the more folks think about it, the more they actually have a gut feeling about what they’d like to wear, but I am happy to talk you through your options, or even help you pick when you bring your wardrobe to your shoot! I want to do anything I can to hype you up and make you feel confident about your shoot, and often wardrobe selection is an important step in that process. 


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