I originally decided to do a boudoir shoot for my wedding - I thought seems like a fun, exciting gift to give to my husband! It turned out to be definitely more of a gift for myself... at least as much of a gift for myself. I enjoyed the experience so much and it was a lot of fun more than I was anticipating! So, some time passed and after the pandemic I was thinking about, you know, wanting to get back into feeling like myself again. My body had been through a lot of changes during the pandemic and I remembered - well, this was one of the best experiences I've had for making me feel beautiful and sophisticated - and that I decided yeah, I want to do it again. When I first saw my photos I felt so gorgeous and sexy - way more than I ever thought I would. When I first saw the water shoot photos I felt like, "wow it's a work of art" and it was a wonderful feeling. I couldn't believe that I actually looked that way and that was a beautiful surprise.

If you're considering doing a boudoir shoot with Juniper Spring Photography - do it! I would say absolutely go for it. I know it can be scary to try something new for the first time. I know you probably feel really nervous getting ready for it, but then once you're there that all melts away and it's fun and exciting. And you have a beautiful memory afterwards! Definitely go for it!

Hi, my name is Julie - I have done both a water flower bath portrait session with juniper spring and a boudoir session. What made me initially decide to book something like this is? I was celebrating my 1-year anniversary with my husband and I know that the traditional wedding gift was paper. I had some friends who had done a boudoir shoot for their partners for their first anniversary before - it's just like a fun twist on the paper anniversary gift - so I thought I would give that a try.

I chose Juniper Spring and Liza because her work was not just like sensual and sexy but also had such a beautiful artistic point of view. It felt really unique and like something that I connected with. I think sometimes boudoir can look a little cheesy sometimes and her work never looked like that. Everything that I saw - it all just looked really, really beautiful but also really sexy and authentic. So I was really excited to book with her.

 During the shoot: It was different than I expected only in that I didn't feel nervous at all. As a plus-size person, I'm comfortable in my own skin. I'm comfortable in my body, but I'm not exactly getting in my underwear in front of people I've just met. It's not something I do very often. So going into it I did feel a little anxious but Liza made me feel totally comfortable right away. She worked with makeup artists and assistants and just teams of people that made me feel really comfortable. Really confident. Really excited about what I was doing. So you know - during the shoot I felt calm. I felt centered. I felt really focused. I just felt like I was in really good hands the whole time I was working with her.

 When I saw the photos -both sessions I have done with her - when I saw the final product I was blown away at how good (the pictures) look and kind of had to stop myself. Like, "oh my god am I gorgeous!?". They just looked so much better than I could have imagined and I was so so so so so happy with how they turned out.

 I would say to anyone who is considering looking a session with Liza and with Juniper Spring to just do it. Don't hesitate, just take the plunge and give it a try! You're going to have fun. You're going to feel comfortable. You're going to feel beautiful and sexy! And what she's going to deliver to you won't just be something that affirms all those feelings for you, but it'll also be a beautiful piece of art that you can use to capture a specific time or season or moment of your life in a really distinct and artistic way. I can't say enough good things about working with her and I will welcome the opportunity to do it again. 

Julie's Testimonial for Bay Area Boudoir photography by Juniper Spring Photography

Kit's Testimonial for Bay Area Boudoir by Juniper Spring Photography

Real women talk about their experience with Bay area boudoir photography by JSP

Hi, my name is Jahna and I did a boudoir shoot with Liza. I had so much fun. I was excited to do it but I didn't know how fun it was going to be. She let me bring lots of different accessories, books, scotch, cigars - things that I love - and I got to integrate those into my session.

 It wasn't until like got to my session that I realized how nervous I was. I definitely freaked out a little bit right before I walked in and then as soon as I walked into Liza's studio space I was at ease. I knew it was a space for women. I knew it was a space to feel safe and I knew it was a space to create beauty. I've been wanting to do boudoir for a really long time and it just never quite worked out. And I started talking with Liza because we're connected through friends and she seemed like the right person - and I wasn't wrong.

I still think about when I first saw the pictures: I started screaming. I mean like, low key screaming. But I was definitely freaking out. We met at San Pedro square for her to do the big reveal and I just couldn't believe how she captured me. I mean there's the things that I know I love about myself - but seeing the pictures that Liza took of me expanded the ways that I could see myself and see the beauty in myself and I'll always have that.

 So if you're thinking about doing boudoir... I know it can be scary. But that doesn't mean it's not good. Scary things can be *great*. and I'm really glad I did it. It's one of the most elegant, lovely, fun and sweet experiences that I've had - that I could only have as a woman - and that I have really enjoyed, especially in my early 30s. So if you're thinking about it, definitely do it and you're in good hands with Liza. She helps you channel what is sometimes hidden behind all the walls that we have up, out in the world, and she's an artist. She'll help you tap into what you want to express in your photos. And yeah if you don't know, try it. You won't regret it, I promise!

Jahna shares her experience with bay area boudoir by jsp

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