Nursing Flower Bath + Behind the Scenes

What is a nursing flower bath? A nursing flower bath (or milk bath) is literally a bath full of flowers in which a mom nurses her infant. I know, it sounds a little crazy – but boy is it pretty! I have done them for myself with both of my babies. It is an intense […]


April 4, 2024

black and white image of a woman's side

What is Fine Art Nude Photography vs. Boudoir Photography

Fine art nude photography and classic boudoir photography are both genres that celebrate the human form, sensuality, and self-expression. I specialize in, and love doing, both! However, they differ significantly in style, intent, and the overall approach to the shoot. I’ve had clients reach out and think they want one, but then it turned out […]


November 22, 2023

Boudoir Stories: Why do a boudoir photo shoot?

I have been thinking a lot lately about what I would like this blog to be. Sure, I will share tips and advice and behind the scenes, rich with SEO-searachble terms to get people reading. But I also really wanted to create a space to talk more candidly about what boudoir means to me and […]


October 21, 2023

What to Wear for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Inevitably, as soon as you decide that you’re for really-real doing a boudoir shoot, and you’ve got your photographer picked (me, me, pick me!) your first thought is going to be “what will I wear?”


March 18, 2023

A black and white photo of a nude reclining woman in a San Jose boudoir photo studio.

First blog – My Personal Journey | Why Boudoir

I’m Liza – owner of Juniper Spring Photography / Bay Area Boudoir and here is my personal journey with boudoir.


April 28, 2022